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    Eco-Friendly Chic

    Our lightweight crepe and chiffon made of recycled polyester are fluid, stylish, and sustainable.

    Contemporaine Exclusive

    Recycled chiffon belted jumpsuit

    Mini pattern jumpsuit at Simons

    Responsible Merino Wool

    A go-to for sweater season, our merino wool has a million different advantages, a major one being that it's eco-friendly!

    The black merino wool half-zip for men Le 31 chez Simons
    Le 31 Exclusive

    Half-zip collar merino wool sweater


    What's in My Lunch Box?

    A sandwich covered with a beeswax wrap, beautiful, eco-friendly bags filled with snacks, bamboo utensils, and reusable straws.

    Simons Maison Exclusive

    Colourful silicone reusable straws (Set of 6)

    Save 45%
    Reusable Essentials For An Eco-Friendly Lunch Box At Simons Maison

    Our Sustainability Standards

    The following standards will explain how a product's features meet Vision's requirements.

    TENCEL™ Lyocell

    Cool, antistatic, and breathable, this popular cellulosic fibre also has a number of environmental advantages:

    It's the result of a closed-loop production process, meaning that the water and solvents are reused every time.

    It's made of certified wood pulp from controlled and sustainable sources.

    Choosing this fibre helps to ensure the protection of the world's ancient and endangered forests, which are essential for biodiversity and balancing the Earth's atmosphere.

    Contemporaine Exclusive

    Patterned-front tie T-shirt


    Recycled Fibres

    Reusing post-industrial and post-consumer waste and fabric scraps is an excellent way to make new clothing with resources that already exist, are hard to produce, and contribute to pollution.

    Compared to conventional counterparts, recycled fibres have a reduced impact on water, generate less carbon emissions, and require less fossil fuels.

    Le 31 Exclusive

    Blocked polar fleece half-zip pullover


    Evolution Pillow

    Allow us to present to you our first-ever eco-friendly pillow with a fill made from recycled plastic bottles.

    Did you know? Transforming plastic waste into fibres allows us to decrease our dependence on petroleum as a source material for our textile needs without impacting the quality and sturdiness of the final product.

    Simons Maison Exclusive

    Evolution jumbo pillow Semi-firm support

    Women's paisley patterned blouse at Simons
    Men's beige zip-neck fleece at Simons
    The ecological Simons pillow

    Vintage Designer Pieces

    A selection of authentic, vintage clothes, bags, and accessories is now available at Simons. Each piece highlights the talent of renowned designers who have defined the last decades.

    In addition to providing you with unique style, picking up a vintage piece is a meaningful, eco-friendly act, minimizing the use of new resources and reducing the pollution linked to production and transportation. Vintage purchases give a second life to pieces that have succeeded at traversing the seasons and always staying trendy.

    The vintage classic Chanel bag with flap, LXR and Co for Simons

    Shop with Vision Filters

    Want to discover an assortment that's in line with your social and environmental values? Simons invites you to use our Vision Standards filters based on various sustainability criteria.

    Spotlighting Sustainable Fashion

    Recycled, Reusable, Essential

    Made of recycled polyester and nylon, this structured tote is a great way to cut down on your use of disposable bags while shopping, at our stores and elsewhere.


    Recycled felt Simons logo tote

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